FAQ's about Home Health Care in San Antonio, TX

Doctor At Your Service files all insurance forms and, for your convenience, we accept payment by credit card for deductibles of copays if applicable. Our professional fees are dictated by your insurance company. They are comparable to those of office-based physicians of the same specialty. The actual charge for a home health care visit varies according to the visit duration and complexity of your medical problem(s).

If the physician orders laboratory tests or radiologic procedures, whoever performs those services will bill you separately. Your insurance carrier will pay those fees just as they would if they were ordered from a typical office practice.

Read answers to our most frequently asked questions about our home health services:

Q: Does a home visit cost more than a visit to a doctor's office?
A: Absolutely not. It is often even less expensive and some insurance companies cover the entire cost.

Q: If I see a physician from Doctor At Your Service, will I still be able to see my regular doctor?
A: Absolutely. You can see our physician once or as many times as you like even if you continue to see your doctor.

Q: Can Doctor at Your Service be my primary doctor?
A: Yes. Since we are licensed medical doctors, we can be your primary doctor.

Q: Do I have to be homebound in order to have a house call?
A: No. Anyone may have a house visit as long as his or her insurance will cover a house call or pay privately. You may use a house call for convenience or as a necessity.

Q: Do I need a referral for a medical house call?
A: No, just pick up the phone and make an appointment.

Q: How long does it take to schedule an appointment? 
A: Doctor At Your Service is usually able to schedule appointments in a day or two, and sometimes even sooner.
When you need concierge medicine, choose the ones who provide the most care for their patients. Doctor At Your Service in San Antonio, TX is your reliable source for home health services today!
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