Wound Care

In-Home Wound Care Services in San Antonio, TX

At Doctor At Your Service, serving the San Antonio, TX area, we offer quality home health care services. Included in these services are wound care services. After an operation or medical procedure, wounds may be covered up with dressings so they are protected from infection. A clean dressing will also help keep your wound warm and moist. 

When you have a wound, it is easy for bacteria to find its way into your skin and get inside the wound. This causes contamination and infection, invading the soft tissue and preventing the wound from healing correctly.  

Rely on our In Home Doctors!

Wounds will heal faster if they are cared for properly. The team at DAYS offers home health services and wound care services to patients who are in need of help. Whether your family has a lot on their plate or cannot take time away from work, we can help. Our wound care services include keeping the wound clean, warm, and moist to provide the best healing capabilities. 

Our nurses will help you change the dressing and provide information on how long to keep each dressing on. We will help you clean the wound and apply a new dressing, all while making sure that it is healing correctly. 

When you or a loved one would rather have concierge medicine for wound care, please call us today! 
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