Sleep Studies

In-Home Sleep Studies in San Antonio, TX

If you have problems with snoring, difficulty staying awake, difficulty sleeping at night, or twitching limbs during sleep, it might be a good idea to be checked for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea tests are done to find out what is causing your sleeping difficulties. They are recorded while you are sleeping, to discover what happens during your sleep. These studies can also determine if you have a problem with sleep stages. Sleep cycles alternate 4 to 5 times during one’s slumber. If there is a change to this, it could affect the way you sleep. 

Sleep study tests can monitor your body functions during sleep. This includes your brain activity, eye movement, oxygen levels, heart rate, and much more. They can also detect if you are breathing through your nose or mouth through chest or belly movements. Other sleep tests can determine how long it takes you to fall asleep and enter the REM cycle, as well as how many times you are awake during the night.

Our Home Health Care Professionals can Help Find Answers

We offer sleep studies through our home health services in the San Antonio, TX area. These tests help give our doctors a better understand of how you sleep. If you think you could benefit from sleep studies, please call us today to find out more information or to schedule an appointment. It is important to determine what is causing you to feel unrested. In some cases, patients stop breathing in the middle of the night without knowing it. These studies will help deter that and give doctors a place to start when recommending treatment options. If you'd rather have a sleep study done in the comfort of your own home, concierge medicine from Doctor At Your Service is the way to go.
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