In-Home Eye Services serving San Antonio, TX

The home health care team at Doctor At Your Service understands that it may be difficult to get to the doctor’s office due to a variety of circumstances. This might involve patients who can’t leave their home on their own, parents who have conflicts with babysitters and can’t leave his or her children home alone, as well as patients who can’t wait hours to see a physician. Because of these issues, we have solutions for you. We help deliver quality medical care in the comfort of our patients’ homes with concierge medicine.

Our home health care professionals will help promote healthy eyesight.

One of the home health services that we offer includes Ophthalmology. Our doctors will assess your vision and rule out any diseases and conditions that can be found during an eye exam. If we find anything out of the ordinary while taking a look at your vision, we will make you aware of it and develop a plan on treatment. 

Call our home health care team today for more information about Ophthalmology home health services in the San Antonio, TX area.
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